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We, Japan central vehicle Ltd. offer the used car sales not only in Japan but also overseas and make an effort to help activities of cliant.
It would be greatly appreciated if we could become a bridge of between nations as a trusted enterprise corresponding to needs of distribution and construction, etc. to which it continues ahead of this.


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How to buy
Contact us
Please inquire in the telephone, the fax, and mail. I hear the consultation of the few rolling stock on web. If you need further information of the truck which does not appear on the web,please contact us.
An answer
We will inform you after taking stock.
Present truck confirmation
Please come to our office, confirm a present truck. The correspondence of the distance in mail and the photograph is also more possible.
Negotiations/An agreement
After the business talks, It becomes yours by mutual agreement.
How to sell
Contact us
Please inquire in the telephone, the fax, and mail. It is possible to correspond even if you brought the truck in directly.
An assessment
We will confirm a present truck and assess it, making a business trip free. The assessment with email and photographs are possible, too.
Contact/Business talks
We present you a present purchase price.
An agreement
After the business talks, It will be your truck by mutual agreement.
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Notes based on security trade management

This is to notify that you, as purchaser or distributor of the products are not allowed to perform any of the followings:

  • Resell or retransfer or otherwise provide the Products to any party intending to disturb international peace and security, including the design, development, production, stockpiling or any use of weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear, chemical or biological use of weapons or missiles to deliver any such weapons, or any use supporting these weapons activities.
  • Use the Products yourself for such activities disturbing international peace and security as described above.
  • Allow any other party to use, let others use or otherwise dispose of Products for such weapons activities as described as above.

Also, as the same purchaser of the Products, you shall agree to follow the procedures for the export or transfer of the Products, under the related Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law, when you export or transfer the products abroad.

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